A global market intelligence firm came to Nohodo with a need; they needed access to extensive market and financial data from literally millions of sources delivered to their clients. They could not find a solution to this demanding type of collection from any of the anonymization providers they had interviewed over the past year.


Enter Nohodo! The Nohodo proxy network gave them access to thousands of IPs spread out over the world. Our proprietary IP rotation technology ensured that their collection would proceed without encountering any slowdown due to website blocking, returning of inaccurate or incomplete data sets all without being detected. The deployment of thousands of IPs coming from multiple data centers meant that they could collect from more sources faster than ever before. The amount of useful information increased by a multiple of 10x.


Our client’s ability to collect at scale from millions of financial sources gained them a reputation as an industry leader. Their products are used by the top brokerage offices around the world. In addition, the increased collection capabilities allowed them to develop and release a popular mobile application.