One of the most common problems facing today’s data aggregators is their inability to collect data from multiple countries at scale. Lack of diversity and capacity within their IP pool limits where and how much data can be collected. An international SEO firm that collects SERPS from top search engines from countries in Europe and Asia came to Nohodo with an issue that they have been trying to solve for some time. The firm needed data collected from search engines from different countries.


The Nohodo proxy network has been built and refined over several years and today stands at thousands of IPs spread out over countries across the world. So collecting from search engines around the world was able to deliver.


By working with the seo’s collection team, Nohodo was able to tailor a pool of IPs located around the world to meet each countries specific needs. With our technology, professional customer service and technical support, Nohodo helped shape and grow our client’s business.