A large international travel consultancy was looking to collect information from Online Travel Agencies and rental car data from several providers in real time, all across the globe. They had to accomplish this in real time, from many different countries and in large volumes. Evidence shows that collecting data with a limited number of IPs and not being able to rotate them effectively creates frustrating results like IP blocking and returning inaccurate data. In addition, websites will serve up pricing information dependent upon where the IP originates from; adding an additional level of complexity to the situation.


Nohodo put in place a collection of IPs spread across multiple countries. The team then paired those IPs with persistent functionality, a feature that allows the collection process to use one IP all the way thru each pricing sku to check out, as to mimic an individual’s browsers behavior.


Our travel consultancy client was now able to deliver the data that their clients needed accurately, timely and within the budget. By setting up IPs in several countries, our client was able to collect region-specific pricing and inventory in hours instead of days. Since partnering with Nohodo, the travel consultancy has increased revenue by over 60%.